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Costs of Car Battery Replacement

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Mikey here!  In my previous post I highlighted the comparison of time to use this great process compared to actually replacing your dead car battery.  In this post I want to highlight the costs of these two options.  I’ll compare the cost over a 10 yr period so you can see the real cost benefits of this easy to use car battery reconditioning system.

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Cost of Purchasing a New Battery

The average cost of a car battery is somewhere between $75 and $120 with premium batteries costing between $90 to $200.  Let’s use $100 as our average cost.  The average car battery lasts 2 and 5 years depending on operating conditions.  Let’s use 3 years as our average.  Let’s show what this option costs over a 10 year period.  This assumes no cost for the mechanic to install the new battery for you.

Year New Battery Cost
Now $100.00
+1 Year $0.00
+2 Years $0.00
+3 Years $100.00
+4 Years $0.00
+5 Years $0.00
+6 Years $100.00
+7 Years $0.00
+ 8 Years $0.00
+ 9 Years $100.00
+ 10 Years $0.00
Total: $400.00


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The Cost of Restoring Your Car Battery

When you click the link on this site you will go to the vendor’s website.  If you want to see how this works click on the “Simple Video” link on the menu bar.  You will then be able to buy this manual to learn how to restore car batteries to new for $49.99 (price at time of writing this post).  Note you have a 60-day money back guarantee and you will buy the product through Clickbank which is proven to be safe and secure.  After you download the manual you will see that there are some tools you need to perform this process.  Here is a summary:

Item Cost Purpose/Comment
Battery Load Tester $20.68 Used to test the battery’s ability to provide enough energy to start the car motor
Battery Terminal Cleaner $5.81 Used to clean the corrosion off the terminals of the battery
Battery Hydrometer $10.95 Used to test the chemical mixture of acid and water in the battery cells
Charger for 12v Lead Acid Batteries $24.48 Used to charge the restored battery
Multimeter $10.89 Used to test the output voltage and resistance of the battery
Funnel $5.19 Used to safely add water to the battery cells
Total: $78.00

When you add the cost of the manual then you are paying $127.99 for this option.

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Side-by-Side Cost Comparison

Laying the cost out side by side you see the following:

New Battery Recondition Battery
Year Cost Accumulative Cost Accumulative
Now $100.00 $100.00 $127.99 $127.99
+1 Year $0.00 $100.00 $0.00 $127.99
+2 Years $0.00 $100.00 $0.00 $127.99
+3 Years $100.00 $200.00 $0.00 $127.99
+4 Years $0.00 $200.00 $0.00 $127.99
+5 Years $0.00 $200.00 $0.00 $127.99
+6 Years $100.00 $300.00 $0.00 $127.99
+7 Years $0.00 $300.00 $0.00 $127.99
+ 8 Years $0.00 $300.00 $0.00 $127.99
+ 9 Years $100.00 $400.00 $0.00 $127.99
+ 10 Years $0.00 $400.00 $0.00 $127.99
Total:   $400.00   $127.99

Paying $127.99 now is all you pay which is about the same as one new battery.  You pay it back in savings when you have to replace your battery in 3 years with another new battery when you have spent $200.00.  You can see that this new process saves time and money for your car battery.  Some other benefits that I have found is it taught me some basic information about batteries and provided a simple easy way to learn how to restore them.  A fun Saturday morning project.

I hope you agree.  Good luck with this great product!!

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Time Investment of Car Battery Replacement

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Mikey here,

Replacing a dead car battery is what most people do, I know.  I was one of those people before until I found this new way to refurbish or restore existing dead car batteries.

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Replacing the auto battery by doing it  yourself (DIY)

You will need the following to replace a dead car battery:

Step 1:  Research the best car battery and the cheapest car batteries.  Most likely you will do this by looking for car batteries for sale or looking for a car battery online.  Remember car battery cost includes the car battery prices and the disposal cost.  Sometimes you can find a car battery sale.  You might find a deal if you find used car batteries for sale.  This was probably what you were doing when my website found you. 🙂

Step 2:  Go buy car battery.  Unless you have a second auto you will have to ask a friend for a jump-start, ask for a ride or take an “Uber” to the auto parts store to buy your new car battery.  The sales guy will try to intimidate you and force you to get something you don’t want.  Once you buy a battery, you will need to carry the 40 pound car battery to the car and to the house.

Step 3:  Remove the auto battery. The following steps are summarized from

  1. Step 3a: Find negative terminal.
  2. Step 3b: Fixate bolt head.
  3. Step 3c: Remove the nut, and cable.
  4. Step 3d: Repeat for positive cable.
  5. Step 3e: Remove securing bracket.
  6. Step 3f: Lift out battery.

Step 4:  Replace car battery replacement.  You do this by following the same steps of Step 3 but in reverse order.

Step 5:  Dispose of the old dead battery.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  Depending on where you live you can’t just throw these away.  Disposing of used car batteries can take time to find a location and then schedule the trip to do it.

This process cost your the money for the car battery, the disposal of the old car battery, the tools, the Uber rides and of course the time (3-4 hours).

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Car Battery Restoration

In comparison, if you use this method to restore dead car batteries you will invest the following:

Step 1:  Click the link on this website.  You will be taken to the product owner’s site and watch a few minute video.  You will then be presented with a link to buy the manual to learn how to restore your dead battery.  Just buy the manual for car batteries (Lead-Acid Batteries) unless you have other types of batteries you want to restore as well.  You will buy the product through a store called Clickbank which is a longtime site for safe, secure product sales on the internet.

Step 2:  Download the adobe pdf format manual.  You will be presented with a link on your final page of your purchase to go the vendor’s site to download the .pdf file of the manual to restore your battery.  You can open it from there or you can download it locally on your computer.  You can then read it electronically on your device or you can print it.

Step 3:  Follow the process to restore your car battery.  Since your battery is fresh from your car you may be able to skip some of the steps that you would need if you were restoring a 20 yr old battery that has been sitting in a barn.  By the way, you may be able to perform these steps while the battery is in your car so you don’t have to completely remove it and carry it around.  This depends on where your car is and other safety conditions.

There you go.  You saved the hassle of many of the time consuming steps and you saved the cost of buying the new battery and disposing the dead car battery.  With this investment you also avoid any cost in the future at the end of this restoration car battery life.  You now have a way to keep restoring your battery for your car indefinitely.

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Save Car Battery Cost

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Hello Mikey Goodway here,

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So you need a car battery.  I too hate it when my car battery needs replacing.  The cost, the down time, is never planned and if I don’t do it I am without a car.  Worst yet, the unplanned cost keeps me from paying for other more important things.  It is frustrating that such an expensive thing like a car won’t work without a battery.  I found a way to not only save the cost but also save the cost indefinitely.

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I bought this guide to restoring your dead car battery and now I don’t pay anything for batteries!  The process is kind of like a DIY craft project.  At first I was nervous about the technical aspects but the authors of this guide show you step by step and within about an hour the battery is ready to take a charge again and put back into operation in the car.  You can do the same.

There is also a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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